Virgo and virgo gay compatibility

Virgo are most comfortable when they spend time alone, because then they do not have to change their lifestyles according to the whimsical needs of other people. They can be very choosy about things and are most likely to pick up the best item from the entire lot. They might show their generous side when it comes to issues related to other people. These people can be quite obsessed about the responsibility towards their professional life.

During the initial phase of any relationship, Virgo do not exhibit their false pride whenever they are with Cancer. And similarly even the Cancer would try to get out of their protective cocoon. Virgo feel very comfortable with Cancer because they do not control them totally like other people. Cancer like Virgo for their responsible attitude and both of them like to earn money and build a status in their society. Virgo always want to remain independent throughout their lives and they would simply hate the idea of being dependent on somebody. A certain sense of security is experienced by Virgo through the protective nature of Cancer.

Even the Cancer like the company of Virgo. Virgo can always teach the Cancer to be a little rational and not take everything to the heart while Cancer teach them to be more tender and kind towards the mistakes of others. When both the Cancer and Virgo unite together then they have a great quality of curing many types of physical and mental illnesses.

When they remain alone then they can easily succumb to depression because of their brooding nature. So they should try to stay together so that they ward away feelings that are the causes of their depression. Virgo can be quite sympathetic towards the Cancer when they go through phases of depression by thinking about the memories of past. The Cancer also show a lot of appreciation for the humble gesture shown by the Virgo.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo share a happy and casual bonding in almost every relation of theirs. As sibling, friends, colleagues and relatives, they share a bond which is easy and nurturing. They help each other to grow, stand of each other and teach a lot to each other from their own experiences.

Usually they never face competition as none of them is eager to get attention but money definitely plays an important role. Cancer and Virgo can also have a stable business venture with some appreciable success and profits as both are intelligent and money minded. Love connection between Cancer and Virgo are usually a success except for the chances when Cancer is too eager to tie a knot and Virgo needs time to think over.

Parenthood and childhood are both equally welcoming for these two sun signs as they are loving, caring and ready to take responsibilities. Some kind of misunderstandings might crop up in the relationships shared by Cancer and Virgo as Virgo like to think about things whereas Cancer like to act according to their feelings. If Virgo are not aware of this trait then they might hurt Cancer by behaving with them in an overtly pragmatic way.

Even the Virgo might get surprised when they start to experience the changing mood swings of the Cancer. Both of them should try to be less critical about each other, as they both cannot accept criticism wholeheartedly. Virgo can be termed as perfectionists, but when things are not prefect then they can become very critical. On the other hand, Virgo should remember that the Cancer are very sensitive and they can get offended with criticism.

Virgo can learn to be a bit patient from Cancer, and likewise Cancer should learn to be become rational and a bit stern in life, so that they can deal with criticism in a better way. When we first met we got attached to each other fast because of our same background and common interest in things and communication with one another. We can talk to each other about things he keeps my spirits up and vice versa. We love leaving each other love notes when we have to go to work.

When we first met we got attached to each other fast because of our same background and same common interest in things and communication with one another. I am a cancer female and recently reconnected with a virgo male. Talk about slow moving. At any rate, we have a great connection and I always felt like he was the one that got away. It was his elusiveness that kept me away the first time. He is so cautious with his feelings and not willing to share his romantic thoughts. Very protective of his feelings.

I feel safe with him. I can open up and share my deepest self. That drives me crazy and I know my constant moods puzzle him. What he tells or promises is somewhat diminished by his actions. All and all, I am willing to wait. He is a good person.

GAY AND LESBIAN HOROSCOPE Signs and curiosities | Rome Central Magazine

Late wife, second one, was a cancer and we were very happy. Instant attraction….. Seems that I ve just started dating Virgo man. We met 3 months ago and it was obvious that we liked each other even to our friends. After that he took 3 months of silence, no texts, nothing. And after he came out with a suggestion to go out together, we met twice and I feel that I d like this story to move on faster. And so I decide not to be iniotiative at all. But he is so manly, his male energy is super strong and it makes me crazy.

I want her to be Happy. I was very Hurt. I want to kill Myself now! Life is Meaningless. I am a cancer woman and i recently broke up with my virgo boyfriend of 3 and a quarter years. My virgo man was the man of my dreams! He was everything a girl could ask for in a man! I think virgo-cancer compatibility is really high. We were both insanely in love with each other.

The only reason we broke up is because i cudnt accept his marriage proposal because im in a truly messed space in my life right now and i didnt wanna drag him into it and give him misery—and he is being pressured into getting married anyway due to external reasons. I have recently got out of a rocky 8 year long relationship with a Gemini.

Good times were overwhemed by some bad moments. Took its toll on how much i could stand. Im a Virgo man and over the past few months i have been in a blossoming friendship with a Cancer woman who lives far from me. She pursued me via Facebook through remarkable conversations about topics we share common interests in. Their behavior is dominating all time, especially over their girlfriend; they cannot lose control over their lover. A relationship with a Leo girl is very difficult, although they are good people and have a good heart. They need to get first place in everything they do.

These girls are highly organized and have the strongest sense of loyalty. Virgo August 23 — September Virgo boys are noble and valiant. They have a strong dedication to their lover. They dream of a prince to carry them away, but this prince never arrives and so they listen to German opera and cry alone in their rooms. Recognizing their sexual orientation is not easy, but when it is accepted, they defend their gay pride and live it strongly. They are very reserved and do not like to let the public know about their romances. These boys know something about everything, specifically, with their lover.

If you want to conquer the heart of a Virgo boy, you must know every detail about him. When they are falling in love, they are very romantic, but once in love they become destructive. They are very good workers and give their heart with all intensity. When they have a boyfriend, they have a big imagination about sex, usually involving bondage wear.

Generally, they are not luckier but their perseverance and their intelligent let them go farther in life. They are independent and all the time need to feel free. Sometimes they are cold, but in their soul they are noble. They do not let others discover their real personality. They can offer a lot of love, but nobody should play with their feelings. Virgo girls are very ordered in everything that they do. They live very strongly their sexual orientation, but avoid the public manifestation.

Their behavior is very planned, and they forget nothing. The have a strong tendency to get disappointed in people. They are easier to dislike than to love. The most important thing for these girls is to get a love relation with an intelligent girl. This is the principal condition to conquering the heart of a lesbian Virgo. They hate vulgar behavior and rough manners. They are good workers, and prefer to work out of the house rather than at home. In house chores they need the cooperation of their lover.

These girls are very lovely and are easy to talk to, but they detest lies. They have great common sense, but sometimes they are dominated by their passions. They have the ability to communicate their ideas and feelings. This allows them to triumph in life and face their problems. They love comfort, good table manners and economic independence. They make excellent girlfriends and are not picky about who their with. Libra September 23 — October Libra boys are wonderful people, but need emotional balance. Until they know themselves they have some trouble accepting their sexual orientation.

This situation promotes some problems in life, but once realized they have strong pride. They are very witty and funny and capture the attention of other guys. Physical beauty is very important for these boys, and they need a relationship with an attractive guy. Libra boys are very diplomatic and educated, love life, and avoid problems when able to. One of the worst defeats is insecurity. He has a difficult time beginning a love relationship.

They are workers, love intellectual jobs, but detest manual ones. They have bad memories, but remember everything about their feelings of love. Libra boys are one of the most handsome and physically fit specimens. Libra girls are very noble, educated and love art.

Your Completely Queer Guide To Horoscope Hookups

They accept their sexual orientation, but they are feminine and always fight to look young. One of the most important virtues of this girl is a powerful personal attraction and physical beauty. They avoid problems, because they need to keep an emotional and psychic balance. They love to be treated in a rough and indifferent way, but they long for some sweet words at every moment.

Their heart controls their actions unconditionally. This girl is very fearful and thinks about social problems and needs a direct contact with artistic manifestations. If you want to conquer her heart, you must be a sensible, comprehensible person and give her passion, love, tenderness and romance.

They do not make love without it.

They think that love is a sacred act and for this reason they have sex with all their passion, energy, soul and heart. A Libra is quite a unique person, and it pays to be involved with one. Scorpio October 24 — November These boys have a pretty strong character, are proud of their gayness, but are not too effeminate. Physically they are very virile. Generally they like people but are also suspicious of them. He wants to know everything that happens around him.

When he is interested in someone, his behavior is uncontrollable. If they feel their love is refused, their behavior is obstinate, possessive and intolerant. They work very hard and know perfectly where they can be most useful. This boy never forgets something, specifically, when he is done wrong, and he will seek revenge. They are unable to talk in a clear and simple language, and this confuses many people, or just bores them.

When they love, they do so without thinking of the consequences. This boy loves very strong or hates very intensely. He does not like to be in the middle of the things. If they do fail, they are ready to try again. They do not believe in words only, they need have action. They are excellent lovers and for this reason they want to rub against boys of other zodiacal signs. Scorpio girls need constant change because, to her, this means life.

They have a temperament and strong character. Their behavior is very virile. Their opinions are very rough and hurt others. When this girl wants to love, she is very intense and thinks her lover is a perfect person. When making love, she is a teacher of hedonistic sex.

Gay Virgo Dating : The Delicate Flower

She has a magnetic personality that strongly attracts other girls. Scorpio girls are very intelligent and cunning which is disagreeable to their friends. They have a rancor and their attack is very strong and unexpected. These girls wish to have an incomparable and crazy love relation. Sagittarius November 22 — December Sagittarius boys are very happy, optimistic and always have a big smile on their faces.

They are not conservative about their ideas. They never hide their sexual orientation and always fight for sexual freedom, respect and equality in society. They are funny and agreeable people, and are easily accepted by other gays. They are romantic, but at the same time very pragmatic, they know when the affair is over even though their lover would like to continue the relationship and buy a house. They can easily make the final decision and begin a new life. They like to spend money and boast their good economic situations. Sometimes their behavior is a little superficial.

They love to travel often, and adore the adventures. They like fleeting romances because they hate the responsibilities of anything long term. For these boys it is very important to have a comfortable life and they will do everything to get it. They are better friends than lovers.

This boy is the perfect choice to have an intense and short love affair with. The girls are extremely virile and love to play this roll; they are very secure and confident. They have a love of justice and demonstrate their feelings freely. They work very hard to achieve a high standard of living in luxury and comfort. They also enjoy boasting about their means. They are excellent lovers and like to show it off. When they are falling in love their feelings dominate over reason. Their behavior is open and generous. They are very good friends and suffer when they are deceived or used.

They talk a lot and like to exaggerate; they very often joke. They like all kinds of adventure. This girl is perfect company for a good time. They hate routine, some obligations of life and humble pressure. Capricorn December 22 — January Capricorn boys are analytic, quiet, educated people, dominated by reason. They can control their impulses and are completely conservative. For this reason their sexual orientation is not accepted very easy. Most of the time they conceal their sexuality, which frustrates those close to them. Occasionally they are critical of other gays.

They do not like to spend money. They are distrustful and think they are always being taken advantage of by others. Their boyfriends are younger and have less money than them. When they fall in love, they tend to have patience waiting for love to be returned. They say their feelings easily and with a poetic beauty, and this characteristic taken from the boy they desire.

They concentrate too much on their projects, and are too ambitious. The power they wish to gain is unlimited. Their will is very strong and they study the personality of the boy they want to conquer. Capricorn girls have a serious and a cold personality. Sometimes they seem angry or do not want to talk to anybody. They choose their friends very carefully as well as their lovers.

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They analyze everything before making a decision and always try to win without thinking about the consequences. They do not find love easily and hide their true feelings, they do not trust others, and have to be won over by a desired mate. They are never satisfied with their social position and their behavior is arrogant and proud when they have power. When they have problems they try to get a solution without asking for help. There is no simple solution to a Capricorn girl, she is too complicated.

Only true love might bring her around. Aquarius January 20 — February Aquarius boys are very free and the most capable of defending their sexuality among all the zodiac. They are happy with their sexual orientation and demand social equality. They have active participation on all occasions. They hate all moral rules of society and need to constantly change. One of the most important principals in their life is the fight for justice.

They feel part of a routine and do not know how to get out of it. They are much more comprehensive and tolerant than their friends, but their friends love them very much and they are generally admired by all. Usually they do not have a good physical appearance, but their heart is beautiful.

They are not lucky in love, for this reason they are always changing lovers. Aquarius boys have a strong attraction to boys younger and much more attractive than him. They need to communicate with others, specifically, their mates. Dreaming is one of their most important virtues, but reality is a big shock for them.

They enjoy living the present, and do not think about future their future, and have little want for money. Aquarius girls are very crazy, living very fast. They are feminine and feel free about their sexual orientation. They have a strict moral code, and for this reason, when their family is conservative, they prefer to be apart from them. They are dreamers, revolutionaries, and always help everybody, and hate social injustice. They like to have a serious relationship, but enjoy their independence. They are not stingy and love to share every thing; they are sensible and like to be with other lesbians.

If you want to have something special with her, you should be patient, and give her a lot of tender love and understanding. Pisces February 19 — March To snap out of this situation they need to be captivated by a boy. When this happens, he laments the time lost where he could have been happy. Their spirit of sacrifice is very strong, and can get married and have some children in order to hide their true sexual orientation. They are not lucky in the life, but know how to fight, and sometimes they are victorious. They are not that handsome, but when they wish to get the attraction of other boys, they become very a good friend.

Their behavior changes very easy caused by their bad character and their personality problems. They prefer to be unhappy in order to be part of public commentary. When they wish to be good, they are very sweet. Pisces have two personalities.

Leo and Virgo Love Compatibility -

They have a difficult time communicating. If you want to have a love relation with a Pisces boy, you should strip him of his prejudgments, his failures, and his clothes and try to find true happiness together with plenty of compromises. Pisces girls are very romantic, sensible and passionate.

They have some problems recognizing their sexual orientation. They refuse it and fight against their sexuality. For this reason, their private life is chaotic. They are dominated by indecision and their friends have a decisive influence on them. Their life suffers some damages from their insecurity and indecision. Their character is very passive, and they are attracted to the same kinds of girls.

They have great intuition; this guides them to the heart and lets them forget about reason. This situation causes conflict within them. Her physical appearance is fragile and this is attractive to other girls. They forgive bad behavior from their friends easily. When they have problems, they need some protection and support from their mate. Their passivity is a big charm for the active lesbian looking for a love.

I am bi-curious was gay and I have a girlfriend, but, The Aries description is exactly like me. How weird. But the Capricorn men did get a fair and well-rounded description! Might this be because the author is a gay male? The Author is a male… if you can send us a profile of the woman capricorn please send it to our editorial staff. Vi do maggiori informazioni sulle mie esperienze in evaniaallon emailn.

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