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If you are somewhat familiar with astrology then you may have come across these two symbols. The placements of the two symbols reveal your dharma and karma in this life time. They reflect what you were born to do and the skills that you have cultivated.

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Either inherited through family during childhood or developed in past life. Which ever you feel comfortable believing in. This symbol refers to the Dharma or destiny of your life. This is the goal that your Soul has set to and will go after to materialize. Rahu, being the head of the dragon is never satisfied with what he acquired because he has no belly to digest.

This reflects the insatiable cravings to gain or know more in your life. As an intelligent being, you create a life that makes you go after a goal in hope to find solace.

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This symbol refers to the karma or reaction when you work towards your destiny. It reveals where you may get caught in old cycles and lose zest to live life.

If you like to know where your Rahu and Ketu placements are, use this birth chart calculator. If you need help in interpreting, you can contact me at emeraldastrology gmail. Or contact me on Facebook.

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Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology. Like Like. Usually the qualities of the north node as shown by sign and house feel entirely foreign to us initially. In a sense we have to consciously reinvent ourselves to get there. A wonderful side-effect is that when we make our way to the north node, the positive elements of the south node become available to us as native talents. We also find astrology an optimal resource for identifying and integrating the shadow.

Integrating our shadow is perhaps the fastest way to turbo-charge our spiritual unfoldment, and reduce our suffering. Some indicators of the shadow are what we have in the 7th house, which is the house of one-on-one relationships. Whatever sign or planet we have in the 7th house is a part of ourselves that we usually project onto our significant others. Part of our shadow integration is to own it in ourselves again, to relieve others of the burden of carrying that for us.

The Astrology of Transformation by Dane Rudhyar - Chapter Six, page 5 - Rudhyar Archival Project

Another shadow integration tool is the 12th house. Whatever is located there is usually an unconscious resource, currently disowned and waiting to become a resource in service to the cosmos. When we mature into owning these qualities as part of ourselves, the challenges become strengths we become known for. Without realizing it, most of us as Westerners are already familiar with most of the astrological archetypes. Most of us know, or catch on quickly, that Venus is about love, Aquarius is about community and utopian ideals, and Mars is about masculinity and assertiveness. Being based in our cultural paradigm makes astrology very accessible for Westerners.

Since time and energy can be in short supply, for some of us it makes sense to pick low-hanging fruit to advance our spiritual practices.

Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga in Vedic Astrology & Jyotish

Putting astrology and Buddhadharma together has been a fascinating experiment for us. Astrology is a very effective tool to study this me, in order to transcend it. Our natal astrological charts or horoscopes show what the planets were doing in the sky at our moment of birth. They are a highly personalized map of how to get to transcendence or universal consciousness from wherever we happen to be at the moment, and what we can expect along the way.

Doug and Catherine offer a s elf-study online course on astrology and dharma: Intro to AstroDharma. They also teach courses and retreats on dharma and astrology throughout the year. Sign up for the PlanetDharma email list , and receive a free two-page reference guide to astrological symbols. View More…. What will I get from learning about AstroDharma? Search Our Content: Search for:. Fri Thu