October 29 full moon 2019 astrology

The astrology of this week is ready to change things up. Diverge from your usual routine, experimenting with something new that speaks to you. Branch out toward something that feels authentic. What might that be? Summer gets more lighthearted as the new moon in Leo lands on Wednesday July 31, the same day Mercury retrograde ends. During the new moon, recognize what you need in order to feel seen. Witness your feelings. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Center yourself and your own needs.

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This new moon also clashes with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, so people will be trying new, weird things in order to express their emotions in a way that feels honest, however erratic or unpredictable. At last, Mercury retrograde is over Though Mercury is done with its retrograde period, its shadow phase when Mercury finally moves forward through the path it just retrograded through lasts for a little longer. The effects of Mercury retrograde get a little more intense before finally alleviating. As the planet of communication makes its way forward through its retrograde path, we get a third and final opportunity to address snafus.

Leo (July 22 - August 23)

Improvisation is fun and sometimes necessary, but do get a second opinion from a family member or someone who will be completely honest with you. The planet of communication, Mercury, is ending its retrograde. As its motion slows down, behind-the-scenes conversations reach a climax. The Leo new moon urges you to witness your feelings and be honest with yourself about your emotions.

Catch up on your energy levels and what feels right to you. Do whatever you need to do in order to feel seen. Take time to rest and meditate. As your planetary ruler Mercury ends its retrograde on Wednesday, news and gossip clears up and starts to make more sense. Your intuition is piqued as the sun clashes with electric Uranus, so be present in the madness like a stone in a river. Allow everything to move around you. Initiate new and experimental approaches to managing your finances as the sun clashes with Uranus, the planet of rebellion.

This transit can correspond with the first step toward revolutionizing your income, putting money toward your hopes and dreams. The new moon in Leo is an ideal time to figure out what feels best to invest in, and make a tiny step toward these goals.

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Investing in your community can guarantee a support system and build meaningful relationships. Mercury ends its retrograde, helping you move forward with your career goals. You can address your need for personal space and still be loyally committed to your interpersonal commitments, but handle with care. Taking time for yourself and your career are both valid reasons to need a little breathing room from the people who matter to you.

Instating a new or experimental approach to your relationships could be the way you choose to go. The new moon in Leo signals a time for you to be aware of your true feelings about your reputation and renew your goals when it comes to staking a claim in your legacy. And now for something totally different!

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As the sun clashes with the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, you are itching to change your approach to your daily routine to get outside and see the world. What is going on with your relationships, Capricorn?! The sun clashes with kinky Uranus on Monday, pushing a change in your approach to intimacy that allows for more creative freedom and pleasure.

Meanwhile, an unhealthy friendship may need to be released. Love and adventure are on the focus this month as you're encouraged to get out and play. If single, you could meet someone new, while coupled Cancers will be inspired to rekindle the spark. In terms of your creativity, now's also a good time to engage your passions.

Career-wise, you could hit a milestone.

With family or roommates, boundaries are needed. You might find yourself feeling more introspective and self-reflective this month as your family and your personal life are brought to the spotlight. Now's the time for seeking the emotional nourishment and healing that you need.

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Look to ways that you can make your home more of a sanctuary. Learning a new skill or area of study can be refreshing. Charm and wit are your superpowers this month, helping you to create experiences, make connections, and open doors that can fuel your success and education. You're in the mood to socialize but take care that you don't burn a hole in your pocket with all the events and activities planned.

A sudden expense could crop up. A catharsis is needed. It's all about the cash money dollars this month, as you find yourself looking to bump up your pay scale and keeping a closer eye on where your money is going. There's a chance you could get a new gig or a boost in income. However, you'll also be pushed to better honor your worth.

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A relationship could be ending now if it's hampered your self-esteem. It's all about you this month, from your perception of yourself and your need to be more of your authentic self, unabashed. Self love and appreciation will be the theme and as you love up on yourself, it will be exciting to see how many others want to love up on you too. Be selective with your energy this month as you'll need more rest than usual. Much of your time will be spent behind the scenes this month and that's not necessarily a bad thing as you could use the time out and the extra sleep.

At the same time, recognize that being still is still a form of productivity as it gives you the chance to recharge your batteries and refocus. Pay attention to your intuition now as it will be sharp. Love could surprise you. You're focused on your career and reputation this month, but this month you might have a cathartic moment which pushes you to release the ways that you may be too fixated on how others see you, particularly where your accomplishments are concerned.

On a lighter note, make time to enjoy your friends. Know that you are loved.