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With just a click on a smart app, they can book you for the offence that attracts Dh in fines. The Dubai Municipality, which has enabled the public along with officials to report littering and other cleanliness-related offences through the iDubai app, has intensified monitoring the wrong practices of drivers and passengers. The driver will be responsible for anything thrown out of his car. A fine starting from Dh will be charged for each offence. Cigarette butts, paper wraps, tissue paper and bottles are generally the items thrown out of cars.

Dusty and dull-looking buildings in Dubai are likely to be a thing of the past soon as owners are being asked to go for a makeover in a new campaign aimed at beautifying the emirate in the run-up to Expo New or old buildings located along the Metro lines and on key roads are mainly targeted in the beautification drive launched by the Building Department of the Dubai Municipality.

Khalid Mohammed Salah, director of the department, said the campaign, fielding all manpower at the department including engineers and inspectors, would be focusing on all buildings in the emirate in general and on those in key areas in particular. He said inspections had been intensified in the buildings situated on both sides of Red and Green Lines of Dubai Metro.

The official pointed out that the civic body has high concerns over buildings which are poorly constructed or abandoned midway of construction as they are considered black marks in a city which is advancing to newer heights. According to him, the inspectors at the civic body are routinely inspecting such buildings including the abandoned ones and duly issuing notices to the owners. Bad weather and rough seas on Tuesday forced the suspension of the search for any wreckage of a missing Malaysian jetliner that officials are now sure crashed in the remote Indian Ocean with the loss of all people on board.

Recovery of wreckage of the Boeing could unlock clues about why the plane had diverted so far off course. Most of the passengers on the flight, from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, were Chinese. Malaysia Airlines said in a statement that it would make arrangements to fly relatives to Australia once it had approval from the investigating authorities. Abbott said he expected the families to travel to Australia soon.

Normally, an official investigation can only begin once a crash site has been identified. That would give Malaysia power to coordinate and sift evidence. Malaysia has faced heavy criticism over the progress of the search and its informal investigation, especially from China which had more than citizens on board the plane.

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Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng immediately demanded Malaysia hand over all relevant satellite-data analysis showing how Malaysia had reached its conclusion about the fate of the jet. Black boxes carry locator beacons but they fade out after 30 days. Flight MH vanished from civilian radar screens less than an hour after taking off on March 8. No confirmed debris from the plane has been found since.

Partial military radar tracking showed it turning west and re-crossing the Malay Peninsula, apparently under the control of a skilled pilot. Najib said Inmarsat had been performing further calculations on data gleaned from faint pings picked up by satellite that initially only narrowed the search area to two massive arcs.

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For more news from Khaleej Times, follow us on Facebook at facebook. Or is it to prevent readers from gambling based on their horoscope and then suing the paper when they lose? I guess the latter. Woke outlets have been promoting astrology and other guff like — I kid you not — witchdotoring for a while now. Everyday Feminism even pimps courses in the stuff! The fact that bad ideas hurt those that have them, and others around them, is just an inconvenient truth that they choose to ignore.

A new wrinkle in taking down science and the Enlightenment. Quite brilliant, actually.

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I do not think much of Huff Post one way or another but they do not belong in the same boat with the journalistic papers such as NYT or Washington Post. The on line media and the TV media generally follow the journalist at the Times and Post.

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That tells you who is doing the work. Dja notice how it just goes from the head down to the feet. Basically in order? I noticed that. To be woke you have to accept that your personality is influenced by the position of the planets at the time of your birth but it is not influenced by your genes because we are all blank slates. They would rather address issues that are non-issues than face the truth about what is happening in our country thanks to all of the entitled brats out there and liberal facscists!

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A Dubai man who spends Dh1,500 every day on free food for strangers

Ken Kukec. Mark Sturtevant. Jenny Haniver.